Foggy London

It’s just gone incredibly foggy where I live in Docklands, and as tempted as I am to go out and take photos of fog in the evening, I am stuck indoors waiting for an email to authorise some work to go out.


I did however have a lovely foggy morning a couple of years ago and spent an hour or so out with the camera.

I think this is my favourite of that set – I love the clean lines and how the fog hides the “messy detail” of the far side of the river which would dominate the background.

Cormorants Warming in the Fog

Cormorants Warming in the Fog

The full set of photos can be seen on my usual Flickr account.

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2 comments on “Foggy London
  1. Silus Grok says:

    So lucky … snow and fog are my two favorite weather patterns. And while living at 1500 m means I get plenty of snow, fog — the good, thick fog of literary fame — is practically non-existent.

    * sigh *

  2. Dave Adams says:

    The UK was blanketed yesterday by heavy fog, but I didn’t get chance to go out and take photos. It was just the right density to block out backgrounds while allowing foreground interest to show through, a little like the photo you posted. No doubt there will be more days like it in the near future, knowing the UK climate.

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