A terrifying report was on the news this afternoon – a warning that Morris Dancing could be dying out due to a dearth of young people wanting to take up the practice.

Apparently the youth feel it is embarrassing.

While I certainly wouldn’t take part – mainly as I just don’t do dancing of any sort whatsoever – I don’t really think it would be any more embarrassing than bouncing around a nightclub topless and drunk. Is it?

I think it is quite nice to see a bit of Morris Dancing around the place – its one of those Olde English traditions which we should try to keep. I wonder if there is scope for an EU grant?

The Morris Ring

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2 comments on “Morris Dancing “facing extinction”
  1. Croydonian says:

    Can’t say Morris Dancing is really my thing, but just as it ever was, we (the English) are one of the few nations where the cultural elite despises any form of national folk culture. Our Celtic neighbours do not….

  2. Andrew France says:

    Hi Ian! Really would it be a bad thing to lose? Morris Dancing is an embarrassment to the nation, not just the youth, imagine what other countries would think if they saw us doing it! Some old men slowly jumping about in Swiss-lumberjack costumes, waving hankies, and hitting sticks together with a particularly non-tuneful dirge in the background. I don’t see what it has going for it?

    – Andrew

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