Laptops banned in coffee shops?

As someone who works in coffee shops a fair bit, mainly so that I don’t go stir-crazy working at home all the time, I was amused* to read this story about another blogger being told that he couldn’t use his laptop in a coffee shop.

Incidentally, I had to get out of the house this morning and despite not really having a lot to do I took the computer and vegged in my local “office” and watched people going to work wearing the coats and jackets they got as presents at Christmas.

There is a certain air of smartness about how people dress and sharpness in their poise as their new coat makes them walk proud and erect for the first few weeks after Xmas. Seeing one person like that is one thing – but to see an army of like minded people walking with an unnatural gait is quite surreal.

Give it a few weeks and people will start to disdainfully fling that new coat on the chairs as if it has been part of the family for years, and the upright poise as people walk around will relax into its normal slump.

*When I say amused, I actually mean amused if it turns out to be a silly reason, but also potentially very alarmed if the current security paranoia is now reaching inside coffee shops as well.

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