Last night I attended a speech by Business Secretary Lord Mandelson who outlined a new policy of boosting the UK economy though revamping how the government works and try to assist businesses to function in the current economic climate.

Most of it was fairly sensible stuff, if delivered in a rather dull monotone voice – but there were a couple of slight jokes.

Considering the media fuss going on right now about his plans to fix the Post Office – one was quite topical.

He commented that Tony Blair had once said that Nu Labour would have completed its modernisation when it has come to love Peter Mandelson.

Since he has been back in government, he has felt somewhat discomforted to find himself being liked by his parliamentary colleagues. So he decided to shake up the Post Office knowing that it would annoy the back-benchers and result in a return to the conventional loathing he is so used to from the Labour Party.

I read this morning that the Communication Workers Union (CWU) will ask its 250,000 members to approve a formal split from the Labour party if the shake up of the post office goes ahead.

His speech was video’d and will be available on the RSA website in a few days – but to be honest, it’s not that interesting to listen to unless you are really into politics or run a business, or like monotone dialogue.

Like them or loathe them – but at least Tony Blair and David Cameron sound interesting, even if what they are saying isn’t.

Last night was the last of this year’s free lectures at the RSA – and I am looking forward to next year with excitement. For the occasional dud (see above), the majority are really interesting, and being free to attend means even the dull ones don’t leave you feeling “out of pocket”.

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