Weird online advertising

Online advertising can sometimes throw up oddities, especially when an advert appears next to a news article which is disparaging about the product – or similar such hilarity. With the rise of contextual advertising though, where the contents of the webpage decide what adverts will appear, this should in theory be a declining issue.

However sometimes you get something so bizarre that you are left scratching your head in bewilderment at what just happened.

On Facebook, my comment this morning was somewhat disparaging about T-Mobile, and lo!, for there appeared a T-Mobile advert. Understandable, as I doubt the algorithm to stop the advert appearing had my text as one of the stop phrases.

However, it was the other two adverts which made me blink several times in disbelief.

Quite what is the message they are sending – that is you are single and gay, then maybe trying older women would be an option? Or maybe if you fancy older women, then you might also like to try out a bit of man-on-man action?

It’s bad enough being perpetually single without these sorts of confusing messages being directed as me!

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