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It’s been four years since I quite literally staggered out of Barts hospital on walking sticks, having spent a month there recovering  from an uncomfortably close dalliance with Death. Annoyingly I am still not absolutely back to where I was in terms of mental ability compared to before I was ill – but frankly that is something I will have to live with. I am probably average with the rest of the population though – so not too dire a result.

Any more damage, and I could have ended up enjoying reality TV shows – yikes!

Anyhow, today was one of my routine follow up visits back to the hospital to be quizzed on how I feel and have a few tests carried out to make sure my internal bits sync with how I think I feel on the outside. Normally a routine visit, albeit for an annoying tendency for my doctor to complain about how hard I work – which is annoying as I actually don’t work anything like as hard as I used to, and I miss the "good stress" of that lifestyle – not to mention, the wages!

Today was a bit different though – as he wants me to switch to a new type of medication and to be frank, I was a tad uncomfortable with the change – so I am going to try the new pills for a couple of weeks over xmas and see how I get on with them.

The main change is that I will switch from (does a count) four pills in the morning and three in the evening to just three per day, which most people really like. Personally, the pill regime is not even an issue as far as I am concerned so I have no real worries about the quantities of pills taken. Annoyingly though, they are best with food and that means I have to take them in the evening. As I like going out a lot more in the evening, I was really hoping to be able to pop the pills in the morning and have done with it.


The other worry is that for about 40% of patients, the new pills can cause what looks like, but importantly isn’t – jaundice. I am very twitchy anything which affects my eyes, and while the effect is purely cosmetic I am a bit uncomfortable with the idea. The jaundice side effect wears off a few hours after I take the pill – so evenings are actually quite a good time to take them as it is less noticable. Take them in the morning and I could be sitting in Starbucks with bright yellow eyes.

Actually, if it scares the kids away, that could be quite fun ;)

Anyhow, sitting in a coffee shop right now doing a bit of work before wandering over to Mansion House for their first ever tour for the general public this afternoon – which should be fun. Then back in coffee shops for a couple of hours until I wander over to the Post Office Archive for a lecture this evening on the mothballed Post Office Railway.

A rather busy day out of the flat which is a nice change, although it has started to rain – and I left my brolly at home. Opps.

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