NATO to close down over Christmas

From a Parliamentary Early Day Motion…

That this House is dismayed to learn that both Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe and JFC Brunssum will be closed for two full weeks over Christmas and New Year, that any telephone call to these establishments during this time will be greeted by a duty officer

Reminds me of the Yes Prime Minister sketch:

Jim Hacker â€œTell me, General, where is the Hot Line?”
General Howard“Which one?”
Jim Hacker“The one to Russia.”
Bernard Woolley“The Red Hot Line, Sir.”
General Howard“That’s in Downing Street.”
Jim Hacker“So in an emergency, I can get straight through to the Soviet President?”
General Howard“Theoretically, yes.”
Jim Hacker“Theoretically?”
General Howard“That’s what we tell journalists. In fact, we did once get through to the Kremlin, but only to a switchboard operator.”
Jim Hacker“Couldn’t the operator put you through?”
General Howard“We never found out. He didn’t seem to speak much English.”

Basically, if you are Russia and want to invade one of your neighbours, then the end of December would be a rather good time to do it. Even better, the Russian Xmas is actually two weeks after the Western one, so they don’t even need to tell their own troops to cancel xmas lunch on the 25th.

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