Saw a nifty bit of news this morning – it seems that the contracts have been awarded to build the first monorail service in India – in Mumbai (Bombay). I saw a series of programs earlier this year on BBC television about the city’s railway service and the people who use or work for it, and it is obvious that the city is absolutely desperate for more capacity on their public transport.

The monorail will operate at speeds in excess of 125 mph.

The official website says that depending on the vehicle/car combination 2-car train may occupy 100 passengers at any one time on a "Regular" operation. Nevertheless, on "Full" and "Crush" operation, the capacity may be increased to 225 and 300 respectively, at three minute headways. Hopefully crush wont be the same as the existing railway, which has people literally hanging on the outside of the carriages at times.

I wonder how they describe the London Underground in the morning – full or crush?

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