Over the past year or so, I have had a few messages on here – and on other websites where I socialise – asking if I could provide ideas for things to do, or a calendar of events I know about.

To give a bit of background, in a couple of other places I have a past history of organising social events which often involved group access to exclusive venues or a bit more than the average tourist would get if they turned up.

As a result, I am on loads of mailing lists and have tons of events sent to me via various subscriptions. Hence, if someone asked about what was on, while my own personal calendar had a detailed list of things I personally wanted to do, it wasn’t a total list of all the things I would know about.

So – after more recent prodding, I have decided it is time to put that resource into the public arena and create an events calendar.

The events calendar will generally list the sorts of events which I (and presumably as you are reading this – you) would like to go to if time and money were unlimited. Fortunately for my wallet, most of the venues I like tend to be free or very cheap!

I wont in general (exceptions are bound to occur) list mainstream commercial events, such as music concerts, theatres etc, as there are already listing magazines which do that far better than I can – but they in turn tend to miss off the lectures, historic talks, walks and open days which I love going to.

The calendar will initially be mainly London, and the surrounds – but may if popular expand slowly to cover a wider area.

I hope you find it a useful resource, and I will endeavor to keep it up to date. At the moment, only I can add new events to the calendar, but I will open it up to everyone (subject to moderation) shortly.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, please add them in the comments below and I will do my best to see what can be fixed.

So, why not have a look at the “London Events Calendar



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  1. Scott says:

    Great! Well done.

    One request for a feature – the RSS signup is a great improvement, really well done. It would be nice to get a plain old clickable link of the rss feed (I see it is there to be copied and pasted) – in FF I just click on RSS links I see and then do the “add” thing.

    Otherwise, a job well done!

  2. Caroline says:

    This is brilliant, definitely something I’ll be referring to regularly – thank you!

  3. IanVisits says:

    It would be nice to get a plain old clickable link of the rss feed (I see it is there to be copied and pasted) – in FF I just click on RSS links I see and then do the “add” thing.

    Good idea.

    However, quite difficult to implement (needs AJAX coding) – but it’s the sort of thing I’ll enjoy writing on a cold winter afternoon when feeling geekish.

    I’ll add it to the “to do” list.

  4. Wonderful resource! Many thanks.

  5. Michael says:

    Wicked: thanks Ian 🙂

  6. originalguy says:

    Thanks for this. While other lists exist its great to have one compiled by someone who you know is interested in similar things.

  7. Nick says:

    Great stuff. You have developed a really good site here Ian. I was told by a friend when he found one of my walks on here. Keep up the great work.

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