Have I Got News for You

Update: Click on the link for the latest details of how to request tickets to see Have I Got News for You being recorded

Off out tonight to see Have I Got News for You being recorded – again. It’s almost becoming a tradition for me to get a tickets to see one recording per season, and I really enjoy it. Unlike a couple of other shows I have been to see recorded – which were dire, I have never yet left a HIGNFY recording disappointed – even if you have to spend an hour plus in the queue outside prior to being let inside.

There is a warm up act to start off with, and they seem to alternate between a lady who is very good and appropriate for the audience or a bloke who spends a lot of time laughing at himself, being a bit crude and probably belongs in a late night club.

Then the recording begins, and unlike other shows they just record the whole thing without any breaks – and edit it together later on. The only corrections are made at the end when they re-record a few bits based on whether they think they will want just one “odd one out” round etc.

Tonight’s recording could be rather good though – as the mad as a hat Tom Baker will be the guest presenter! Should be outstanding.

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