Unboxing a Microwave Oven

When I was a kid, my parents brought one of the early microwave ovens – and we spent some effort in trying to cook using it, but like most people I suspect, it ended up being used for cooking TV Dinners and baked potatoes.

Since I left home though, my microwave ownership has been somewhat sporadic as I moved around rented properties and either they had a microwave oven or they didn’t, it wasn’t really an issue for me.

However, I do miss not having one, so after years of thinking “must buy a microwave”, today I finally got round to picking one up. The purchase was actually slowed down as all the ones sold in my local shops come with digital displays and I just wanted a simple switch on and turn timer type. Partly because I would never ever use the fancy menu options and partly because I read recently that the average microwave oven over its typical lifespan will use more electricity powering the LED clock than it uses when cooking food. Blimy!

So it could be slightly argued that my purchase was motivated by eco-reasoning :)

To finish off though, there is a bit of an internet meme where people take photos when they unbox the latest (typically Apple) tech gadget and post the photos for everyone to gush and sigh over.

So, here are my Apple FanBoy inspired pics of the unboxing of a microwave oven.

It’s arrived!
Oh look – it has a 20 litre capacity which is excellent for those times when I need to boil 20 litres of water in one go.
That is what they mean isn’t it?


The side view – and such amazing features to excite me.
There’s a pull handle (wow!), a Cooking End Signal (does it go ping?) and even the interior is painted – astounding.


The initial opening – cant see too much yet.
They do like to tease us with their packaging!


It’s out of the box – and that is some impressive polystyrene protection over the oven.
It’s good that the company really cares like this.


Tops off – excited!


Ready to unwrap the plastic now – must try to resist tearing it off in a frenzy.


Ta Da!


A quick look at the back of the oven
Notice how the plug matches the colour of the wiring – that is dedication to the design for you.


Lets have a peek inside.


The lovely instruction manual – and they still give people a cookery book.
At least they are not trying to claim that you can cook scrambled egg in a microwave oven – that never really worked.


In its final location and doesn’t it coordinate really well with the kettle!


The whole lot can be seen on my Flickr account.

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3 comments on “Unboxing a Microwave Oven
  1. Rob Scott says:

    That was truly wonderful. I had a ‘moment’ there where I welled up for you – congrats on the excellent purchase. I hope this brings you many hours of cooking pleasure.

  2. Maldwyn says:

    where’s the obligatory big knife, no unboxing sequence is complete without one.

  3. IanVisits says:

    Under current health & safety regulations, I was restricted to using a pair of plastic scissors supplied by the local primary school.

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