The winter fuel allowance

There was a throw-away line in The Economist the other week, which made me think “how odd” at the time. Alas, I forgot about it until just now when I watched the weather report which was talking about snow in the UK – so looked it up again to see if I read correctly.

It seems that British pensioners can claim a £400 per year winter heating allowance, which considering what UK winters are like sounds quite sensible. However, any British pensioner can claim the allowance – even if they are actually living in the South of Spain at the time.

Unless I am mistaken, the South of Spain is not exactly noted for its frigid winters – and I think this is possibly one loophole which really should be killed off – although it’ll probably be replaced with a Summer cooling allowance instead.

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One comment on “The winter fuel allowance
  1. Caroline says:

    It’s true that British pensioners living abroad can claim it – but only if they were already receiving it before they left the country. In other words, if you leave Britain before getting your first payment, you’ll never get it; if you leave after that date you will. Even more bizarre than giving it to old folk in Spain! (I know all this because my parents live in cold-as-Britain northern France.)

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