Lord Mandy announces minsterial jobs

For some odd reason*, I just had a brrrrr email about the new ministerial responsibilities at the Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform

What struck me though was this bit:


Responsible for employment relations, ACAS, postal policy and the Royal Mail and Post Office portfolio of the Shareholder Executive, the Insolvency Service (including companies investigations), strengthening regional economies, Olympic legacy and transformational government

Am I being overly cynical when I note that the post office has been lumped in with employment relations – considering the rather stike happy lot the post office employs?

As Jim Hacker commented when offered a similar role in Yes Minister, “what – be held responsible for all the strikes in the UK? No thanks!”

Maybe Pat has upset Mandy and got lumped with the “strikers portfolio” as a punishment?

*odd in the sense that I didn’t know I was on their mailing list.

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One comment on “Lord Mandy announces minsterial jobs
  1. EC says:

    Nice to see that the Official Receiver and the Olympic legacy are also under the control of the same minister as well :-) Should come in handy, especially if our Olympics go the way of Montreal…

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