Monumental Buidings in London

I have a bit of a thing for grandiose buildings which were never built, and did a short posting a few months ago on the subject. Today though, I found another one – albeit this time from a movie. In 1929, a pro-pacifist film was made – set in 1940 (some say 1950) and the plot is based on a pending war between the Empires of the United Europe and the Atlantic States.

Pretty dire – and noted for, by the standards of the day – surprising amounts of half naked ladies.

Anyhow – there are special effects in this B&W movie, and they are based on what London was expected to look like in the future, as seen from the eyes of someone in the late 1920s.

I became aware of the film today thanks to a note that it will be shown in Trafalgar Square on the evening of October 23rd from 6:30pm, as part of the London Film Festival – so if you want to a futuristic vision of London – then wander along, and wave if you see me.

The screenshot below is interesting as it shows a giant building – which happens to be where Charring Cross train station would be today. Imagine arriving there each morning on the train!

High Treason

Picture credit: Skyscraper World

And is this a railway line going under Tower Bridge – not to mention the railway above it!

Picture credit: British Film Institute

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