Physician, heal thyself

This morning, BT put out a press release promoting a booklet they are publishing on posture etc when out of the office and working. Interesting, sort of – as I tend to work in coffee shops for about half the week.

However, the press release noted that figures show that back, neck and arm problems are the most common occupational illnesses in the UK – and that over a fifth (20.6%) of BT employees’ sickness absence is caused by such illnesses.

The thing is – would you really take advice from a company which admits that over 20% of its own staff suffer from the problems it claims to be trying to prevent?

I have had a similar thought in the past when watching the government’s current series of adverts on TV promoting training schemes for employees to boost their skills. Again, would you trust a government which delivered an 16 year old to your workplace barely able to read and write – to then take your experienced staff and offer them a repeat dose of that education system?

Side note – an explanation of the Physician, heal thyself saying.

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