Google thinks the Labour Party is harmful

I heard on the news of the sad death of Labour MP, John MacDougall this morning and thought to Google to find out a bit more about him.

Google sometimes flags up webpages which it has detected a problem with in the past and warns that visiting that site is harmful to your computer.

You can imaging my surprise to see that message appearing on the website of the Labour Party!

Now, technically, the Labour party website is actually, and not the variant – but both domains are owned by the party, although they do seem to point to different webservers.

Ultimately, it’s not which domain the Labour party prefers to use which matters – it’s what Google displays when you do a websearch, and in this case – it is returning a website which it thinks is potentially harmful to your computer, and one which looks very legitimate from the url address alone.

If you want to see why Google thinks the Labour website is potentially harmful, then Google have this webpage which gives you a report as to what it has found.

A bit more background about why Google flags websites as problematic from Google Spam Guy, Matt Cutts.

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