Beer tastings

The great British pint – an integral part of our culture. As summer approaches – hopefully, and our thoughts turn to lazy Sundays in the beer garden what better way to spend an evening than learning about beer (apart from drinking it of course).

Alex Bell, head brewer at O’Hanlon’s Brewing Company will be hosting a talk tomorrow evening (Wed 16th July) at the rather posh venue of the Royal Institution and will guide us through the science behind the perfect pint and let us in on some of the secrets of the brewers’ craft. What makes a good beer and why are some regions famous for certain types of beer? Is there a difference between keg, cask and bottled and how does this affect the flavour? Alex will reveal all.

The talk will be followed by a tasting session giving you the opportunity to sample some of O’Hanlon’s finest beers and put your newly acquired beer knowledge to the test.

I’ll be there (obviously!) and you can still book tickets via the Royal Institution’s website.

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