Sick idiots drown cat in The Thames

Three teenagers are being sought by the police after a cat was drowned in the Thames. The cat was a rescue puss from the Battersea Dog and Cats Home and was just starting to settle down as the “cat in residence” on HMS Belfast when he was simply thrown overboard by this sick bastards.

I feel really upset about this – as I used to have a cat from the same shelter who had been previously abandoned (and they think, hit by a car) and he was the most wonderful cat I have ever known. It was devastating when he eventually died after a couple of years with me – as he had a long term illness. I know he got a better home for those couple of years than he most certainly had in the past, and judging by how he would always trot out to greet me when I came home from work, I think he rather liked my company as well.

The staff of HMS Belfast were doing the same and offering a loving retirement to a cat who had probably had a bit of a rough time earlier – only for that to be cruelly snatched away by a trio of idiots.

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One comment on “Sick idiots drown cat in The Thames
  1. Nigel says:

    I can concur precisely with how you feel. These pieces of feral shit are true bastard’s and some of the worst filth on the planet.

    An animal is born into this world entirely the same as a human. It has a right to life, decent and comfortable treatment and to be loved and enjoyed by those who own it or come into association with than animal.

    The Thames is one of the worst places on earth to throw any form of life.

    My eldest son is helm of a lifeboat and many times they launch to recover a dog that has fallen into the river at Southwold. Currents there are fierce at times, but they always launch in good faith, because often the dogs owner then jumps into the river in desperation and there are then two casualties.

    Personally, I feel the dogs life or any other animals life is just important as our own, and the filthy bastards that destroyed that cat, must surely be deemed to rot in some cesspit of depraved life and soon may it befall them!


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