The pigeons are not happy

It seems that the management at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club – which manages the huge Wimbledon tennis extravaganza have got fed up with pigeons hanging around and hired a marksman to start shooting them. The ever hysterical Pigeon Blog – written by a pigeon (or probably a human pretending to be a pigeon) had some terse views on the matter.

As an aside, there is another tennis club in Wimbledon – the Gardens Lawn Tennis Club, and some years ago I read about a chap who placed a bet that he would “win the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis championship” and the gambling house, thinking he was referring to the more famous All England Lawn Tennis championship took the bet and gave understandably silly odds on him winning.

Alas for the chap – he still failed to win the smaller championship and the bet was lost, otherwise he would probably be a very rich fellow indeed.

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