Future Living in East London – an exhibition

There is a small exhibition over the next few days being held at the showroom for the Pan Peninsula development in Canary Wharf – focusing on future housing developments in the East End of London. I wandered along this morning and was probably one of their first visitors as it only opened about thirty minutes before I arrived.

It is basically a series of poster boards explaining the details of a selection of housing developments which are planed or already underway – including the Leamouth Peninsula development, Woolwich Arsenal and a few others dotted around the area. There are also a few wood block models to help put things in perspective – and the Leamouth model is particularly good.

It is quite small though as an exhibition, and doesn’t really have anything you wouldn’t have already seen if, like me you are a regular visitor to the Building Centre. However, if you are in the Canary Wharf area and have half an hour to spare, this is not bad for a lunchtime venture.

Getting there is a bit of a pain as the Pan Peninsula development has cut off the main access, but wander down Mastmaker Road and it is suitably signposted when you get to the end of the road.

Oh, and it is nice to have an excuse to go inside the Pan Peninsula show room – I just wish they would include a trip on their incredibly smart passenger boat as well ;)

The exhibition is open until 1st July

Future Living in E13 / E14 / E15 / E16 / SE10 (ignore the map on their website, it’s wrong)

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