(Blog updated to note this event is repeated on 3rd July 2010)

The Bank of England is normally open on only one Saturday per year – on Open House Weekend, and the queue to get in has always been awful. However, as part of the London Festival of Architecture – they will be open for a second Saturday so there could actually be a chance to get in without having to spend hours outside in the queues.

If interested, the tours start at 10am. They take you round the impressive interior and the museum is also open. The museum is somewhere I have wanted to visit for ages, but like the bank – is only open Mon-Fri, so this is a double treat.


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2 comments on “Bank of England – open day
  1. This is a great opportunity, and usually under-utilised. Two years ago I got straight inside on the first tour with very little hanging around. And yes, it’s fascinating to see the elegant interior of the building where all the decisions are taken.

  2. I think I may well get myself along there on Saturday afternoon, while the opportunity is there…