Cruise Liners on the Thames

One of the nicer things about living where I do – in Docklands – is when an usual ship goes past the flat.

Last year, I compiled a calendar based on information from the Port of London Authority and others for the cruise liners going past the flat, and having done the same for this year it seemed a pity not to put it on the website as well.

The other day was supposed to be the first of the annual season – but instead of a cuise liner, we had a car ferry, albeit a notable one for it is the largest double ended ferry in the world.

Coastal Celebration

Anyhow, I shall keep the list up to date, as much as possible – and you can find it at this web address: [no longer in use]

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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2 comments on “Cruise Liners on the Thames
  1. Alaster says:


    Enjoying the site a lot – I first looked last year when you had details of the liners on the Thames. Clicking your link for this today says that the site with details of the liners cannot be found. Are you aware of this? Or is it that there are less coming up the Thames for the winter months?

  2. Carey says:

    Hey!! It’s the one of the BC Ferries “Coastal” ships. I always try to get on that ferry when sailing between the lower mainland and Vancouver Island. Nice ship.

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