Have I Got News For You

As I mentioned earlier this week, I went to watch a recording of Have I Got News for You last night – and it will be broadcast tonight. It’s a classic episode.

Brian Blessed (BB) is an even larger personality in real life, and surprisingly crude in his language, but in an eccentric old uncle sort of way. Not offensive, but Paul Merton seemed to have his head in his hands for most of the show.

Having been to a few recordings now, this one was very different from the norm, as it was very, very one sided. Ian Hislop and Alan Duncan absolutely dominated the panelist side of the show with Paul Merton and Marcus Bridgestock hardly getting a word in. The editing will be interesting to see if they even it up a bit.

We turned up early this time, and thanks to that got the prime seats right by the set (you would be able to see me if the lights weren’t switched off) and you do get to see a lot more than you get from sitting in the main seating area. Yay!

It took about an hour to record the first round – which is far longer than normal, and not due to mistakes or anything. The jokes and BB’s personality were just so overwhelming that the show couldn’t really progress. Unusually, they then stopped recording for a bit and decided to cut out some of the questions which had been planned – which is just as well as I could well still be there watching the recording.

One thing, BB is actually quite short. I had expected a person with his personality and bellowing voice to be quite large and stocky, but when he walked onto the set to huge roars of applause, I was surprised at how short he seemed to be. I guess we all expect people to be the same height as ourselves.

The rest of the show progressed as much as possible with BB in the hot seat making some shockingly funny anecdotes about his adventures up Everest (don’t go to the loo in a strong wind), and the North Pole (don’t go to the loo at all).

One of my DVD’s has what is known as “The Full Boris”, which is twice the normal length – and I think there could well be a DVD special of The Full Blessed as well.

One for your TV viewing pleasure tonight – and if you have BBC on earlier, try to catch the trailer as well.

Yes, he does bellow Gordon’s Alive! at full volume.

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  1. Anon says:

    I’m not lying or anything but I am actually related to Brian Blessed! My grandma is his cousin! I’m really amazed that he’s like my 3rd cousin, my mum’s side of the family where all born in Mexborough where BB was born!

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