International London

One of the things I love about London is how incredibly “international” it is. As someone who was brought up overseas and hopped around the place every other year – I am used to seeing/meeting people of all sorts of backgrounds.

I am sitting here now in my local coffee shop in Canary Wharf working, and to one side is a couple of Americans chatting (I think its a job interview), an east-asian couple being couply and some central European sounding suits having a meeting.

When I moved to Croydon a few years ago – I was culturally shocked for a while at how “English” the town centre was. It was a bit of a double whamy as I had just moved from Shepherds Bush, land of the 24 hour shops and ethnic foods. To move to a place which is 90% white and where the shops all close at 6pm is quite weird for me.

So, here I am surrounded by more foreigners than Brits – and I think it is wonderful.

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