450 years of Gloriana

Being bored and channel hoping last night, I alighted upon a repeat of Dr. David Starkey’s TV series, Monarchy and settled down to watch it. Incidentally, it seems that the Discovery channel, no longer satisfied with a Discovery+1 also now has a Discovery+1.5 as well. I await a Discovery 2.0 with eagerness.

Anyhow, this episode dealt with the succession from King Henry 8th through to King James 1st (or 6th of Scotland).

The bit which made me sit up a bit though, was when the date when Queen Elizabeth 1 took the throne – 17th November 1558.

In other words, this year is the 450th anniversary of crowning of Elizabeth 1st. I wonder if anything is being done to mark the anniversary – maybe a quick invasion of Spain would be nice?

Incidentally, Gloriana was the name given by the 16th century poet Edmund Spenser to his character representing Queen Elizabeth I in his poem The Faerie Queen. It became the popular name given to Elizabeth I. It is recorded that the troops at Tilbury hailed her with cries of Gloriana, Gloriana, Gloriana, after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588.

Updated on 3rd March to correct King James to 6th from 4th of Scotland – I got my IV and VI mixed up! 

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