Should Ming Campbell move the USA?

Sir Ming resigned/was sacked from the leadership of the Liberal Democrats because of an ongoing whispering campaign that he was frankly, just too old to run a political party. I notice that in the USA, John McCain is doing rather well in the challenge to represent the Republicans in the next US election – and that according to opinion polls he at least matches and sometimes beats both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton if they went head to head in an election.

Some people have commented on his age as an issue, but nothing like as determinedly as they were with Ming Campbell.

So how old is Sir Ming? He’s 66 years old (born 22 May 1941) – while John McCain is 71 (born August 29, 1936)

Admittedly, Sir Ming did tend to look as though he would rather sit in front of a warm fire with his slippers – and John McCain most certainly doesn’t.

So, Sir Ming was too old to run one of the UK’s smaller political parties – but a man some years older than him could well become President of the USA, and the most powerful man in the world.

Is it ageism, or simple presentation style which did it in for Sir Ming then.

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