Brilliant Metrolink?

The new London Transport museum has opened, and oddly I haven’t actually paid a visit yet. Anyhow, one display which I will keep an eye out for when I do get round to paying a visit is the one extolling the virtues of the ill-fated Metrolink, which the dizzythinks blog noticed the other day.

The whole PFI deals show how private sector lawyers are vastly better than state lawyers when it comes to drafting contracts. I was in a (not saying which) dissused tube venue on a visit a few weeks ago, and in this part of the network which is abandoned and never ever used – the PFI contract still called for the installation of a public address system and new illuminated exit signage.

In a way, I dispair of the waste of money – but then I sort of admire the quality of the private legal team which managed to write such stupidity into the contract in the first place.

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