Le Morte d’Flying Duck

I tend to visit Greenwich a couple of Sundays per month to get lunch and wander around the markets – and also to visit the awesome Flying Duck shop.

flying duck 1It specialises in selling memorabilia from the 1970’s – along with some modern replias and even if you manage to walk out without buying something, the place is a pleasure just to have a look in.

Went down today – and horrors – the shop is closing down.


They are having a closing down sale and will keep their website running in the future, so not all is lost.

London Underground Map BagMy best ever buy from there was a 1970’s(ish) carrier bag which was originally sold by the Transport Museum and just happens to also be exactly the right size for my laptop computer.

They are closing down on Feb 3rd, so get down fast if you want to have a look.

Flying-Duck Website

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