I have a heck of a lot of RSS feeds tracked everyday – and I use the free Google Reader tool for that. They have however, got into quite an untidy mess not dissimilar to the state of my kitchen at times, so as I am spring cleaning the flat, I have also cleaned up my RSS feeds.

I have dutifully purged the folder layout and moved my feeds around to more accurately reflect their actual use.

I have Google News tracking folder for all the companies I track via the Google news service, there are the corporate feeds – for those still rare companies that actually put their press office onto an RSS feed. There are the telco blogs that I track, science releases, etc.

I also have a folder called “fun stuff” – which are all the non-work related feeds I like to keep up with – not just silly stuff, but serious news sites (etc) that are interesting to read, but not related to my day job.

There is one website I like to track – which is the UN’s ReliefWeb, which tracks all the humanitarian disasters around the world. As I was cleaning up, and it is not a work related feed, I put it into my “fun stuff” folder – only to almost have a shudder as I suddenly realised that I was classifying hunger and death as fun.

I can’t really think of any other folder to put it in though, unless I create a new folder specific to “bad things”.

I guess I shall just have to accept the uncomfortable situation of considering the idea of keeping up to date with death to be fun.

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