There is a lot of coverage on the news that the Oscars could be reduced to a *mere* press conference and wont have the gushing speeches and tedious lengthy presentation. Well, to me that sounds like a great idea!

When you think about it, just how many people actually watch the ceremony in full – apart from the few who are dazzled by all things show business?

The average person gets a couple of snippets of someone going OTT or bursting into tears and then reads the details of the awards won later on in the newspaper if they are interested.

In the end, The Oscars is now dependent almost entirely on a couple of silly actors or actresses doing something newsworthy to get the headlines, and the bulk of the awards are literally just handed out as a press release.

All that vast amount of time and money – just to collect a few seconds of TV footage of an actress blubbing on stage.

Give me the press release version any day.

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