A slightly freaky sight this morning. Following an accident last night with the cooking and a bad case of negligence on my part, quite a bit of muck was on the hob – so I applied a liberal coating of “generic hob cleaning stuff: Brand A” and left it over night.

Woke up and went in to be greeted by this…

kitchen hob

Being a bit of a fan of Egyptology, I instantly recognised the shape as being significant. More exactly, I recognised the shape and its significance, then spent ages on Google and trawling through some books to try and remember what it is called.

kitchen hob - close up

It is similar to the Egyptian Solar Disc surrounded by two snakes (Uraeus). It represents the God Horus in the form of his battle with Set – and the two snakes are the goddesses Nekhbet and Uazet.hathor

OK – do I really think that the Egyptian God Horus paid a visit to my flat overnight – well, no I don’t.

It is an interesting formation overnight which looks significant, but only because it is in a shape I recognise. Had it been in the shape of (for example) the logo to some reality TV show, I wouldn’t have even recognised it.

I am however, curious as to how the cleaning fluid pulled away so cleanly to leave the lines, and also how the lines are consistant regardless of the thickness of the cleaning fluid I left out overnight.

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One comment on “An Egyptian God pays a visit to my flat
  1. Johannes says:

    Hello friend!
    Did the Egyption god paid you a visit….well as you said…you dont really think so but what i believe in situations like these it’s not really about the fact whether the Egyption god paid you a visit or not….more like the fact that you recognised the shape and then did a lot of reading about it and as you read all these informations you might have realised something about yourself that an energy of some sort(maybe like a guardian angel)wanted you to know or wanted you to realise.These words that the energy wanted you to read appear in these scripts of the Egyption god so…in a way….You actually were visited by the egyption god.
    So please continue to look for sighns like these…it will open you up even more spiritually!
    I enjoyed your story very much!