Hunt the Hain

Been following the whole Peter Hain political funding saga on the news and political blogs, and something I just cannot get my head around is the convergence of the sheer size of his campaign fund, and his claims to have been too busy to campaign.

He spent vastly more than the other candidates for the Labour Party Deputy Leadership, and that had to be paid for through the donations which are now causing him so much hassle.

However, at the same time that he was spending all this money on adverts (etc) and presumably making the usual political promises to those who funded his campaign – he was also, as he claims – far too busy as a government minister to bother with this petty issue of being elected deputy leader.

If the deputy leadership was no longer of interest to him, why did he continue to spend, spend, spend as he seems to have done?

Also, if I was a donor to his campaign, and am now hearing that he was too busy to manage how he spent “my” money – as a donor, I would be mightily annoyed with him and probably asking for my money back on the grounds that it was wasted on trying to get a person into a job that he presumably no longer wanted.

The news this morning says that a formal complaint about his campaign’s failure to declare the donations has now been made to the Parliament’s Watchdog – who have the ability to sanction him if/when their report finds he didn’t declare the donations.

He seems to have gone to ground this morning and hasn’t been seen – hence the posting title, which I have blatently nicked from a comment by a BBC reporter who said she was playing “Hunt the Hain” this morning.

Silly link – Hain unaware he had been given a Bently (satire – maybe)

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