The lunatic inside Starbucks

One of the nicer things about working in a coffee shop in the morning is the hustle and bustle going on around you. I think there is a sub-conscious response to that, as I do work faster and harder when surrounded by activity than when sitting at home in solitude and silence.

Some of that noise and activity is part of what I miss about not working in an office – although the fact that I can get on with work without being constantly interrupted by stupid questions is a blessing.

This morning has proven most “interesting” though, as the one huge disadvantage of sitting in a public area, is that you really don’t know who else is going to be there. I am currently sitting a couple of chairs away from a woman who is intently reading the FT newspaper – which should be fine. However, as soon as a couple of people sat at the table between us, she went on some sort of manic rant about being deported and wanting to kill the immigration officers.

I am sitting near a lunatic!

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