HMS Westminster & Tower Bridge – A photo opportunity

One for photo fans – checking the forthcoming Tower Bridge lifts, I notice that the UK naval frigate, HMS Westminster is arriving in London for a few days, and will pass under the raised Tower Bridge just before 5pm on Dec 13th.

We should get a floodlit Tower Bridge at night, with the warship passing through – could be damn spectacular.

I’ll be there for that – maybe by the Tower as there is a spot there where the riverside path juts out a bit for good photos – but there is also a raised pedestrian area a bit further back from the bridge which is higher and offers better views (and fewer tourists!). Will check on the night to see whether the camera can cope with the added distance for a night shot.

HMS Westminster was used for the interior shots in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies in three different roles – as HMS Chester, HMS Devonshire and HMS Bedford.

Accroding to the Tower Bridge website, the arrival is at 16:55 on the 13th Dec, and the ship leaves at 6:20am on 17th Dec.

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