Place or Plonk?

Something I have noticed quite a lot over the years, but only now remembered when sitting at a computer to comment about…

Is how people put their shopping on the conveyor belt at supermaket checkouts.

Some people place their food and shopping on the conveyor belt fairly conventionally – but I notice at times that some people almost throw their shopping onto the system, as if they have no regard for the food they are buying.

I don’t really know if the food is bruised and/or damaged in this way – but it makes me wonder if the person is as slapdash in how they treat other posessions.

Just a random observation.

Have you seen any other oddities at the shopping checkout worth commenting on?

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One comment on “Place or Plonk?
  1. lee bedson says:

    what you have to remember is that the supermarkets love this type of shopper, their the ones who just grab the first pack of bacon without checking it, that way the supermarket gets rid of its average stock,leaving the better stuff for the more discerning shopper.

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