I have lost my broadband connection at home! Eeek!

So, it looks like I shall spend a few days in the local Starbucks working from there. I may be a tad hyper as well, as the local branch has run out of decaf coffee and there is only so much of the real stuff I can cope with per day. They have also run out of the the usual paper napkins as well – I hope they can’t run out of internet!

Anyhow, the internet died almost to the minute at 10am yesterday (suspicious?) and it took until 5pm for BT to accept that there was a fault outside my control – and will look into it within 48 hours.

So, a few days in the coffee shops in Canary Wharf trying to work and not oggle the handsome chaps in suits wandering around the place. I prefer Starbucks as their T-Mobile WiFi is more reliable that the Sip ‘n Surf from the Cafe Nero – and frankly, I find Cafe Nero coffee too bitter for my palette anyway.

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