A bar and piazza outside my flat?

I popped home from my office/Starbucks to have a short break and see if BT had managed to get my broadband working after they left a voicemail asking if it was OK now.

After a futile conversation with BT – I headed back to the “office” to carry on working and just as I left the flat and was walking along the riverside path, a chap who looked suspiciosly like he was flat hunting stopped me and asked what I would think to having a bar and piazza with seating along the riverside right outside my flat.

He seemed somewhat shocked that my reply was one of aghast horror at the thought of a bar with noisy patrons a mere few metres from my living room. We have enough problems with chavs on mini-motorbikes and party boats with their thump, thump, thump music on Saturday nights as it is. A bar with outside seating would be a nightmare.

It’s not as if Canary Wharf is lacking in bars with outside seating around the docks area already!

If he is thinking that the abandoned pier nearby would make a good spot for his bar – then he wont get far as the locals are very much against anyone trying to set up a business (or home) on it.

I think I shall keep an eye on the local planning controls website, just in case.

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