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This morning, I had the “pleasure” of a hearing test at Barts Hospital. It went fine actually, and I didn’t have to wait too long for each bit of it.

Slightly annoying though – they can’t find anything wrong.

I do have a tiny drop in hearing at some frequencies, but nothing like enough to explain the huge social problem I have in hearing conversations when sitting with a group of people. I just hear “babble” and cant work out individual words, so just sit back and watch time go past while everyone else has a great time.

Depressing, and damn boring.

It also affects my ability/willingness to approach people in even moderatly noisy pubs as I worry that I will spend most of my time unable to hear a thing they say.

The doctor is however aranging for an x-ray of the inner ear to see if there is anything there, but he is 99.999% sure that my hearing is fine. The next apointment to discuss the results is next May!

Not really sure what to do now frankly.

Anyhow, it’s a day out for me now – will be meeting a fellow scribe in the Nu Media hotbed that is Farringdon for lunch and then off to the Metropolitan Archives to (hopefully) study some maps of the pnuematic railway I am working on.

Am spending the day working the way I like, in a coffee shop surrounded by activity – it can be a bit loney sitting at home everyday and not seeing anything different, apart from the occasional strange barge on the Thames.

It’s nice to reconnect with the business world at times :)

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