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Apart from my somewhat spoilt Saturday afternoon in The Chandos pub, I actually had quite a good weekend – and just had a follow-up reply to an email I sent.

I meant to visit the Clock Museum in the City of London – but managed to forget as I headed towards Cannon Street to take a photo of a sign I had seen there a few months ago and comemorated a bit of history which I quite liked. I took the photo, and uploaded it to the appropriate page on Wikipedia about the German Steelyard yesterday.

I also wandered into St. Georges Church in Bloomsbury – just round the corner from the British Museum. Managed to take a load of photos of the interior, which I will upload in a few days once I have time to clean them up. The Church was in the news recently as the Spire has been rebuilt to an original design. It’s nice, but frankly – damn difficult to see from the ground and I think the money could have been better spent on more eye-level restoration as opposed to building a “fake” copy of what was there originally (and only for a short time).

Anyhow – wandered along to another Church I had “found” a few months ago – All Saints, Margaret Street, which is a fantasticaly gloomy gothic revivalist church. I finally got to see it without any worshipers, which meant I was able to take some photos of the place. I feel a bit uncomfortable taking photos in small Churches when people are worshiping – partly as an issue of respect for their faith (which I do not share), but also as my camera shutter is damn noisy!

Unfortunatly, as the church is very gloomy – the photos really didn’t come out as I was trying to hold the camera for some long exposures. Not a surprise, but worth trying to see if anything would come out.

The great news is that I sent them an email asking permission to go back with a tripod so that I can take some decent photos – and they said that I can. Yay! It means I can get some good HDR photos and try to capture some of the incredible atmosphere that this Church exudes.

To make it even more amazing, as I was taking photos on Saturday – the Organist was doing a practice session, so I found myself in a dark gloomy gothic church, alone and with the shaking of the church organ in my ears.  Quite magical :)

I am off to Barts Hospital on Friday, so will take the camera kit to visit St Bartholomew’s the Lesser Church which is a very atmospheric Curch just outside the Hospital grounds – dating from the 17th century and most of the stone work is undecorated.

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