Just sitting at my desk this afternoon, working as normal – and all of a sudden my heart starts pounding like mad and my whole chest felt very “odd”. It stopped after just a few seconds, but has left me feeling rather shaken and I was going to phone NHS Direct, but my GP has given me an appointment to see them this evening.

Ironic, as I was planning to make a “routine visit” to the GP in a week or so anyway – but I guess the timetable has shifted upwards a bit.

My recent blood tests for icky stuff (cholesterol etc) all came back as rather heathy, so hopefully it was just an odd aberation. One of the good things about being “chronically ill” is that I get a lot of heath checks now, which include all the things we think would be nice to check, but we rarely actually get round to checking – such as cholesterol levels.

Still shaky though.


The doctor thinks it was just a glitch – and I am to see if it happens again. Bloody scary for a “glitch” though.

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