The enviromental impact of instruction manuals

Not something I usually lose a lot of sleep over – but I just installed a new printer at home, and I was struck by the size of the instruction manuals (note the plural).

The main manual is 24 pages per language – in 5 different languages.

Now I know that is to make it easier to ship the units around Europe – but if you take the 96 pages I didn’t need then multiply that by the number of printers sold each year – that is a heck of a lot of trees being chopped down.

There is a second 54 page manual in loads of languages, plus a few smaller documents and promo items.

Ideally, they should have just a simple “get you up and started” manual – which was included in this printer, then if I want the in-depth manual, I can print off the required version from the installation CD.

Ironically, I only thought about this as there was a (multiple language) statement booklet on compliance with the European Electronics Waste regulations!

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