Poor quality sales message

I am currently ordering a new webserver for my commercial sites to cope with traffic growth.

Just to be sure I understood things correctly – as I am not really a hardware sort of guy, I posted a message comparing two potential options on a webmaster discussion forum i use.

Got some useful replies, and gratifyingly it seems that I also was correct in my presumptions ;)

However, I then got a sales pitch by private message from a UK based hosting firm – which was fairly obviously a generic copy/paste sales message.

In itself, that is a bit annoying – but was was doubly annoying was the fact that I had just laid out my needs and concerns in the discussion forum, so the hosting firm had an ideal chance to sell me their services by responding to those issues and showing how they were ideal in resolving them.

But no – they wasted the opportunity with a silly bit of generic spam which also therefore doubly annoyed me for being spam, and for being a really bad sales pitch.

If the company is too lazy to tailor its sales pitches based on information that I had freely given in the discussion thread – then I doubt they would be any good at resolving any future issues I might have.

What a waste of an opportunity on their part.

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