UK news websites get more traffic from “foreigners”

A new comscore report has found that some of the UK’s largest news providers get more overseas visits than they do from within the UK.

Considering that the UK population is a tiny fraction of the global market – that shouldn’t be a huge surprise frankly.

However, I track a lot of US media, and it still surprises me how “localised” the news is. It is difficult to get a truely global news perspective from the vast majority of US media, and I wonder if that is driving people to seek news from other sources – and ending up with the UK newspapers and agencies.

Unsurprising, the BBC tops the traffic chart, with 61% of its traffic coming from outside the UK, although the Financial Times is the most international publication with 85% of its traffic coming from outside the UK.

Incidentally, my own business news website is in the same situation, with some 70% of my traffic coming from outside the UK.

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