Iran tenders for two nuclear power plants

As you are presumably aware, there is a lot of political fuss over Iran’s nuclear ambitions – with Iran claiming it is purely a peaceful effort, and many other countries claiming that it has a military aspect.

From what I have read, the evidence does veer towards at least, some military use, but this week lurking in the classified adverts of the excellent The Economist magazine – is a tender application for a company to build two nuclear power plants.

Personally, I think this is just political posturing, as it helps deflect accusations against Iran – and frankly I really couldn’t see any major commercial company wanting to touch this with a bargepole as the political situation is just far too unstable to risk the investment.

Still, it was oddly amusing to see the tender document published.

Iran tenders for two nuclear power plants

For those who wonder why I was looking at the tenders, I always read the back section of The Economist as governments often advertise telecoms tenders and privatisations there – which interest me.

As interested in nucelar “stuff” as I am, I am not in a position to build a whole power plant!

That said, Iran is opening up some of its nuclear facilities to tourists – and following my day long tour of Sellafield last year, a trip to Iran would be appealing. I still need to sort out the trip to Chernobyl as well, after that was cancelled when I was ill.

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