Trapped by the London Marathon

Today’s the day I am “jailed” inside my flat as the London Marathon snakes through Docklands. It’s only one day a year, but I do usually need to get out of the flat at least once a day, even if just for a walk. Today, all the roads by my place are sealed off.

I can get out technically, if I go down towards Greenwich and take the river taxi into central london, but otherwise – no chance!

Last year, I was able to get to the shopping center via the riverside then catching a train from Westferry, but this year the riverside walkway is also closed.

I admire the people running it – and quite enjoy the atmosphere it creates – it’s just a bit “climbing up the walls” for me today as well.

Maybe I should get a medal as well ;)

Whats's on in London: today or tomorrow or this weekend

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