Resigned from my job last week to work full time for myself. Over the past few years, my working pattern has been something along the lines of:

  • 6am – work from home for a while, then leave for office
  • 8am – work at “day job” until 4:30pm
  • 6pm – work on own business until about 10pm

It is now 8pm – I am sitting here at home, having achieved about 3 times as much as normal – and I have already finished what I feel like doing for the day.

I even went out for a long walk and took a few breaks to do some domestic stuff during the day.

Ummm – what do “normal” people do in the evenings?

I’ll be starting working longer hours again in a week or two – but at the moment, it looks like I am going to be finishing this early every night.

It’s a bit a of weird feeling – I might even have to get a “hobby”.

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