As I prepare to leave my current employer, one of my tasks is to start closing down all the various newsletters I subscribed to as part of my work. So, I dutifully click on the unsubscribe links on the emails.

Now, these are automatic processes – I click a link, it loads a webpage and a database is updated. Very simple – or so it seems.

I can tollerate maybe a 24 hour delay in the database being updated, although I don’t really see why that should be the case – but it is tollerable.

What is not acceptable is when a large reputable firm trys to take a month to remove my name from their database! What do they do over there? Manually edit a 16th century parchment using quill and ink?

Good grief guys – this is the modern age, it does not take a month to update your databases.

To add insult to injury, after I clicked to remove my name and got the screenshot below – they actually sent me another email.

This is really poor customer care – and had I been a discontented customer, sending me more marketing messages after I had asked you to stop is really bad, and liable to have people clicking on the “report this as spam” button.

What will that do for their deliverability past spam filters.

One comment on “It takes a month to remove me from a mailing list?
  1. IanVisits says:

    Update – the second email was also from Nokia-Asia, but a different department, and their unsubscribe function worked instantly.

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