An article on Forbes this morning argues that thanks to underinvestment in brown fibre and regulatory concerns in the USA – the world could run out of capacity on the main backbones powering the internet by the end of this year.

The article cites a report from Deloitte.

I had a quick evil thought – and checked the headers rendered by their respective websites to see if their own servers use the gzip compression which is supported by most web browsers. This enables the text components (html, js and css) to be compressed before delivery – reducing bandwidth usage and speeding page load times.

Forbes is good, but ironically – the authors of the report – Deloitte – do not support this simple compression system.

It is estimated that if all websites worldwide switched on gzip, it would reduce internet traffic by about 3-5%.
Not bad 🙂

Disclaimer – while I use gzip on my commercial websites, this blog doesn’t as for some reason the WordPress cache is incompatible with it.


Forbes News Article

Deloitte Home Page

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