‘Paid-for’ email set to launch in the UK

It looks like the Goodmail accreditation system is coming to the UK next year.

Goodmail charges senders a fee for each email, in return for bypassing spam filters and enabling images in the emails.

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It was actually bloody annoying earlier this year when they offered a free trial of their service, and it wasn’t until you got about page 4 of the application form that they told you the service was only available to companies based in the USA or Canada.

Anyhow, rant over – the net result is supposed to be better click-thrus and more trust from people who receive emails that have been passed by Goodmail.

The side effect of more cash for Goodmail clients is obviously, ignored ;)

However – dropping the cynism for a moment – there are quite a few reports which do suggest that Goodmail certified emails are getting higher clickrates from recipients, so the service may be cost effective for email senders.

A quick scan of my database suggests that I send about 10,000 emails a month to Goodmail clients, and that would cost me around £20 a month. I may give it a try when it launches to see if the click-thru rate rises by enough to cover my costs.

Regardless, the £20 is a negligable sum to spend if it ensures my brand logos etc are always loaded in the emails and are not discarded by image blocking, so the branding boost is worth it on its own.

One to keep an eye out for.

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