Oddities over at Google News

It looks like someone is playing with the pipes again, and much oddness is happening over at Google News.

My website is reguarly listed there, so reguarly indeed that I often do the following search to check which of my stories they have picked up:

Ian’s Google News websearch

Normally, that would list all my recent news articles as found by Google, along with any other news sites linking to me in the past day.

This is what roughly what I would normally expect to see:

Suddenly, it has changed – and the listing is minisule – although my site is still being spidered and appears in content based searches.

During yesterday, I did a load of screengrabs:

How the search appeared in the moring (about 5 hours after uploading a dozen news articles)

Then – weirder, a few hours later (note how the times the articles were found changes)


A bit concerned, I do a text specific search for a news article I have uploaded, and it does indeed appear:

Hmm, I log into Google Webmaster and check there for my site – and even weirder, they claim to have no news articles at all for the past week – despite what the above article specific search found.

A few hours later yet – and suddenly I am seeing what I would normally expect to see.

This morning (Friday 15th Dec) – it is back to what I noticed yesterday, listing only a few articles, even though searches which include the text I uploaded this morning do return some results.

This could be just Google tinkering, or my site is suffering some penalty of sorts (although traffic is not significantly down – yet).

I am currently banging my head against a blog which is ripping off my content, and Google do apply a “duplicate content” penalty to websites when they see identical content on two different urls. I hope I haven’t been hit by that penalty, pending lawyers doing nasty things to that scum blogger.

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